Parents’ Views

“A Place of Joy, Growth, and Wonderful Memories
As a parent, I couldn’t be more thrilled to write this positive review for Gina’s Montessori Nursery, where my three children have been attending in succession over a period of years. From the moment we first stepped through the doors, we knew we had found a special place for our little ones to blossom and thrive.
The staff at Gina’s are undoubtedly the heart and soul of this incredible nursery. Their dedication, warmth, and genuine love for the children are evident in every interaction. They have created a nurturing environment that feels like a home away from home, which has made the transition from home to nursery an absolute breeze for my kids.
The Montessori programs are nothing short of exceptional. It’s truly impressive how they strike the perfect balance between play-based activities and structured learning. My children have grown not only academically but also emotionally and socially, thanks to the enriching experiences and carefully designed curriculum.
The nursery is well-maintained, clean, and filled with age-appropriate toys and learning materials. The outdoor play area is a treasure trove of adventures, allowing the children to explore and develop their physical skills while having a blast.
One of the aspects that stood out the most during our time at Gina’s is the strong sense of community. The teachers and staff have created an inclusive and supportive environment for both the children and the parents.
Over the years, my kids have formed incredible friendships that will undoubtedly last a lifetime. The social skills they have acquired have prepared them well for the future, and the memories they have created together are priceless.
As my youngest child is now ready to move on to primary school, I reflect with immense gratitude on the journey we have shared with Gina’s Montessori Nursery. It’s heartwarming to see the growth and development in each of my children, and I credit much of it to the love and guidance they received from the exceptional team at the nursery.
In conclusion, I wholeheartedly recommend Gina’s Montessori Nursery to any parent seeking a nurturing, stimulating, and loving environment for their children. The dedication of the staff, the quality of education, and the strong sense of community make it an outstanding choice. Thank you, Gina, for making the past eight years so incredible for our family. You will always hold a special place in our hearts.
With sincere gratitude,”

Mirela Zekayi & Family 2023

“My daughter found attending nursery a very daunting experience after Covid but Gina’s nurturing and caring environment allowed her to settle in quickly and safely. My daughter speaks of Gina and her staff on a daily basis and I feel reassured that she is so well looked after, educated and supported by people who truly care for her. I wouldn’t send her anywhere else. It’s a magical and very special nursery and we feel very lucky to be able to go there. “

Debbie 2023

“Gina is extremely warm and welcoming and the love my son shows for both her and the nursery on a whole is a reflection of the wonderful care and enjoyment he receives whilst being there. Gina is amazing at what she does, as are all of the wonderful staff whom she employs at the nursery. We will miss coming to Gina’s but will be forever grateful for the all of the love, learning and experiences that our son has received in his time there.”

Jade 2023

“Thank you for the role you and your team have played in Josiah’s early years education. For your gentleness and patience, in guiding him to learn and enjoy it. He has truly enjoyed the time spent being in your care. He speaks very highly of all the practitioners; he will miss the nursery very much. 

Atara has really enjoyed her time in your care, she is always so eager to come to nursery. She talks about how much fun she has. We appreciate all the practitioners for all your hard work in making her feel so comfortable and making her excited to play and learn new skills. Thank you”

Jackline 2023

“Both of my children attend Gina’s and they are very very happy there. All of the staff, including Gina are loving, kind and gentle. My boys have both learnt so much since starting at Gina’s and I feel the level of care taken at Gina’s to nurture their talents is second to none. I wouldn’t trust anyone else to look after my children.”

Sarah 2023

“My daughter Katie who is 2 came out of Gina’s Montessori in her first week exclaiming ‘I love my nursery’. We had visited other nursery’s in Enfield and Barnet, Gina’s was my only choice. It was evident the staff were experienced and all the children I saw were smiling. Many friends had also recommended the nursery to me.  They had stated that their children had all loved it at Gina’s and had developed in so many ways.

I am so happy and relieved she is attending the nursery, every evening I am impressed at the range of activities she has been involved in: baking, drawing, planting, painting and so on. She confidently tells me what she has done, for example she explains how she baked her cookie and how we need to look after our new plant. 

In Katie’s first couple of weeks at Gina’s I noticed a significant improvement in her pencil work. She is also taking more interest in reading books and teaching me new things. I also appreciate the advice Gina offers regarding Katie’s development.

It is very important to me that she is safe and happy in her nursery. It is clear that the safeguarding for all children is a priority.   

Thank you to Gina and the staff at the nursery for making Katie’s nursery time so enjoyable and valuable..

Catherine and Katie
September 17

“Gina and her team have played an integral part in the all-round development of our son’s pre-school years. They consistently go above and beyond the call of duty at all levels.
We are excited about our son moving onto school and feel that thanks to Gina he is well equipped to face the many challenges ahead.  She always seems to find new and exciting ways to learn, and even after all her years’ experience, obviously still enjoys learning herself, which I believe is the key.
We shall miss our Gina routine a lot but feel privileged to have attended this nursery.”

Claire Cook

“Gina’s Montessori was recommended to us and we routinely recommend it to other parents. It’s an amazing space for early years learning and developing socially. Our son comes home buzzing with information, songs and facts about the world – from telling us the difference between a flat and pitched roof, to watching chicks hatch from their eggs.
It’s also a very safe and secure environment. After two years, our son is very ready and confident to be starting school.”

Laurie Cook 

“Dear Gina,

I cannot thank you enough for teaching all 3 of my daughters over the last 4 years.

They have thoroughly enjoyed their time at nursery and have become confident, patient and bright  which has helped immensely with their next step into primary school.

Your patience with the children is extremely admirable.
The children feel welcome, happy and safe in your homely environment whilst learning new things all the time. Thank you for everything”


“I have been more than happy with the care and attention my son has received at Gina’s Montessori over the last two years. The staff are attentive, observant and enthusiastic. 

Every aspect of his development has been addressed, assessed and improved without him even noticing!

Gina goes way beyond the call of duty when it comes to helping with specific concerns related to the children; she has emailed and messaged me, offering her thoughts, observations and suggestions even at weekends and evenings. I found her support and kindness fantastic.

Gina’s Montessori is a homely, safe, fun environment. I am delighted to have been able to send my son there for 2 years and we will sadly miss all of the staff.” 

Dr Angela Bourke

“Our son has attended Gina’s montessori nursery for one year. This has been an amazing learning experience for him. He settled in very quickly thanks to the support from Gina and the wonderful caring staff. During his first year he has flourished in this safe and extremely positive environment and we could not be more pleased. He has acquired a great enthusiasm for learning and he thoroughly enjoys every session he attends. He is already looking forward to his second year!

Best wishes and thank you for a wonderful year.”

Lucy, Finbarr, Joseph and Robyn. 

“-My 3 year old daughter attends Gina’s Montessori Nursery.  She is very happy there, as I knew she would be.  My 5 year old son attended Gina’s for 2 years and we knew it was the right place for our children from the moment we walked in.  Gina and her team stand out from other nurseries in our borough.  They address the child rather than the adult, the setting is intimate and warm, the adult to child ratio is superb and the focus on education enlightening.  Gina and her team know their children intimately, understanding them, their capabilities and their individual needs very quickly.  Days at Gina’s are structured and routine providing the children with great security while, at the same time, varied and dynamic with all manner of subjects (from French to Yoga) explored.

With my son now in school I see so many of my peers moving younger siblings from their nursery to one of the many close to our local primary school but not I! I would travel to the other side of the borough to enable my daughter to have the same excellent start to her educational life.

I trust Gina and her team (who remain the same from year to year) implicitly to be everything a pre-school child needs in the absence of their parents; a substitute mother, teacher and moral and social guide.

I could not recommend Gina’s highly enough”


“Since starting Gina’s Montessori Nursery in January of this year, my daughter, Caitlin has grown in to a confident and sociable little girl. She thoroughly enjoys each of the sessions she attends. As a parent, it is reassuring to see your child settle in so well and literally run through the doors of the nursery each morning; this is testament to Gina and her wonderful staff.
Caitlin is thriving in this safe and structured environment, I’m delighted that this nursery has given my daughter such a positive start to her early years education.”

Thomas Barrett

“Since starting Gina’s Montessori nursery in September, my daughter has thrived in this warm and secure environment. She has grown in confidence and her enjoyment and enthusiasm is clear as she empties her folder with evidence of her day’s activities. 

I cannot recommend Gina’s Montessori Nursery highly enough, the staff are wonderful and have a real understanding of each individual child’s needs. 

I am so pleased that my daughter has had such a positive start to her early years’ education experience.” 

Simone Barrett

“As an experienced foundation governor of a primary school for ten years, I have naturally taken a keen interest in the nursery where my grandson has spent the last 2 years. I have been so impressed with Gina’s Montessori that I feel I have to comment. Welcoming friendly staff made all of the children feel safe in this environment. Problems were always dealt with sensitively, involving parent and child in finding solutions. Positivity and encouragement were the obvious themes throughout the nursery. It was a delight to see all of the children develop, gain confidence and form friendships at the nursery throughout the years. I would highly recommend Gina’s Montessori to friends and family.”

Breeda Bourke

“We are very lucky we have found this nursery with its amazing teachers. The learning environment Gina’s Montessori has created is just amazing. I would highly recommend it to all parents who are looking for the BEST for their kids!”


I’m sure it won’t be the last time I thank you and the rest if the team. However, I would like to express thanks for the wonderful 2 years that Aidan has had with you. He is very ready for school now and I know that he will love it. You have all played a big part in the wonderful little boy he is , thank you! I’ve experienced several other nurseries through children of friends and family and none compare. You have a very unique place and long may it continue to thrive, so best of luck!

Katy (2013)

My two girls have had a fantastic experience at Gina’s. The excellent child to staff ratio enabled them to feel secure and develop into independent, curious learners. Gina herself really cares about the children she is working with and they know this, as someone else said, the children are not just names on a register, their happiness and interests are paramount. We have been particularly impressed with the way in which Gina made provision for our second daughter who has medical needs and speech delay. She has really thrived this year because of the time and care Gina and Sally have shown.  We will miss you.

Anna Hunter

I was impressed from the word go by how you very quickly understood Tom. You were able to work with him in such a way that not only made him feel comfortable and happy at nursery, but also truly brought out the best in him, both personally and academically. His confidence has soared and this has been achieved with genuine care and respect for his fundamental nature.

Jennifer Brookes-Belcher

Gina’s is a fabulous learning experience for the children. I’ve moved away from the area and have been searching for a place of equal calibre, but I realise that Gina’s is just one in a million.

Jo White

Joe loves attending Gina’s friendly, fun and structured nursery; he has excelled since joining and has become far more confident and gained so much educationally. Joe was always quite a shy little boy, who never seemed to appreciate loud, hectic environments, therefore Gina’s amazingly calm, professional, gentle, child focused approach has been exactly what my little boy has needed.

Nicky Brogan

My daughter Caroline attended this nursery from September 02 until July 04 I should like to convey how well she developed during this period of time and I am confident that the carefully structured planning and teaching at the nursery contributed to her continuing progress now she is at primary school. Mrs Ferriter and her nursery also helped a great deal towards developing her social skills and personal development”

Marion McHardy

Over the past twenty years all six of my children have attended Gina’s nursery. My youngest child is currently a pupil there. I chose Gina’s school because of the small numbers of children to the high ratio of staff. There are plenty of other establishments available in the borough of Enfield who expect little children to manage in environments with much lower adult/child ratios.
All my children went willingly and happily to Gina’s. She provided them with a firm foundation for their continuing education. We as their parents were always reassured of their safety and well-being.  They were not just names on a register.

I have never come across another nursery that offered the very high standards that we came to expect from Gina’s.

Eleanor Stapelton

My daughter is currently in her 2nd year of attendance and once again I am very happy with all aspects of the nursery. She has become extremely confident and has a great enthusiasm for learning.
Gina’s Montessori Nursery School is an excellent start for any child and is held in high regard within the local community. The children that attend the nursery are very well developed in all aspects and more importantly enjoy attending.

Sally Galano

In the 10 months that Josh was at Gina’s we saw huge improvements in his articulation, his interaction with others, his numeracy and literacy and most of all he learnt how to behave and socialise, all within a safe environment. He is now well prepared for the school environment and we believe that his time at Gina’s will give him a great advantage in this respect.

Nick & Lynn Finney

My son and his friends love going to Gina’s where they have loads of fun learning, making friends and becoming really sociable young people. This is all achieved in a loving, caring, calm environment and is a result of Gina and her team’s hard work and dedication over many years. Gina is known in our local community for what she has achieved with the nursery, which has an extremely good reputation in our community.

Peter Jones


“Gina’s Montessori Nursery is a very special, nurturing environment for children and we feel very privileged that our Son was able to have such a positive first experience here. Gina and her staff are so caring and patient and they make every child feel valued and important. The settling process was tailored to suit us, ensuring there was no drama for anyone. Everyday our Son was excited to share what he had been doing and show us his ‘work’! He loved the equipment and toys and was so relaxed in the setting. He developed friends quickly and grew in confidence, becoming more independent during his time at the nursery. We will miss Gina’s and will always remember it fondly. Thank you!”
Nicole 2022